Why there’s no need to panic over Stephen Strasburg’s latest injury

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´╗┐It’s understandably worrisome when symptoms in the throwing arm send a pitcher to the DL, but given ’s seemingly routine visits (five times since undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2010), it becomes a matter of scaling the level of concern. And this episode appears to rate relatively low on the panic meter.

Anthony Rendon Jersey #6 Strasburg appeared to be in some discomfort on the mound during his most recent start Sunday, repeatedly shaking his arm, then left the game after two innings. Two days later he underwent a diagnostic ultrasound and was determined to have a nerve impingement in his forearm. On Thursday he was placed on the 10-day DL.

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The takeaways are largely positive.

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The diagnostic ultrasound allows a visual of the structures in the elbow and forearm. Most teams utilizing this imaging have baseline measures they can compare to images taken when an athlete has a cheap jerseys new complaint to see if tissue damage has occurred.

Limited Anthony Rendon Jersey The fact that this is not being called a sprain or strain suggests no new injury to the muscles of the forearm or the all-important ulnar collateral ligament (or, in this case, the tendon graft functioning as a UCL). Whew.

cheap jerseys authentic The ulnar nerve runs its course near the UCL and passes through the tissues in the medial forearm.

Anthony Rendon Jersey #6 If there is soft tissue restriction or scar in the area — both of which are feasible given Strasburg’s history of prior TJ surgery and his occupation — the nerve can be constricted in spots, also known as impingement or entrapment, potentially causing discomfort. The best news of all is when it’s addressed promptly, this condition is generally easily alleviated with therapeutic interventions addressing the soft tissue restriction.

Given the time of year and the Nationals’ position high atop the National League East, there is no reason to rush Strasburg to his next start. A 10-day DL stint allows for a little extra rest and recovery, which could pay off come October.

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